Our Kind Of People

Our Kind Of People
By Steve Gold and Tom Ferriter

A wealthy African-American family in Memphis, Tennessee, has their world shaken upside down when a visitor from the North, recruited to escort their daughter to the annual Jack and Jill Alumni Ball, is discovered to be an organizer sent secretly as a voter registration volunteer.  Our Kind Of People is a comedy of circumstance set within a civil rights-era story of dawning awareness and new found insight, where the hard-earned status of the newly affluent is threatened by the forces of change and the powers of attraction.

Cast of Characters

John Campbell
, a local businessman, late 50s.
Yolanda Campbell, his daughter, a college graduate, 25.
Reginald Campbell, his son, an insurance salesman, mid/late 20s.
Eliot Walker, a visitor from New York, late 20s.
Mabel, the family maid and cook, 26.
Cynthia Lee, KKK representative, 40s/50s.
Gladys Davis, KKK representative, 40s/50s.



Steve Gold is a native New Yorker who first became seriously interested in the theatre during the late 1980s.  While serving as an artistic apprentice with the Seventh Sign Theater Company, he wrote his first play.  In 1991, Steve formed the Enigma Theatre Company, an outlet for producing new work by emerging playwrights.  The early productions of the Enigma were seen at the Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, on Manhattan’s upper west side.  Later plays of the Enigma Theatre Company originated from Alice’s Fourth Floor, located on New York’s Theater Row.  Most recently, Enigma has been producing at Theater 22, in Chelsea.  Enigma has presented nine showcase productions.  The Heights Players, in Brooklyn, has mounted workshop productions of a number of Steve’s one-act plays.  In recent years, Samco Productions produced Master Race, a full-length play, at the American Theater of Actors.  Steve’s dark comedy, Our Kind of People, is currently in development with Stageplays Theatre Company.


For the stage, Tom has written Ten Million Black Republicans (with Steve Gold), a dark comedy about the Congressional nominating process, Thunder & Lightning (with Taylor Hallman), a morality tale set in the Negro Baseball Leagues on the day Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in major league sports, A Howling Wilderness, a military court-martial drama during the time of the Philippine Insurrection (with John Chodes), and co-authored the book of a new musical, BELL (with Michael Treni), based on the life of Alexander Graham Bell and the American dream. Tom is co-author of Benefit Performance, Paul Enger�s drama with songs about a pop singer who overcomes dependency problems and family issues to emerge triumphant from semi-retirement, which features the music of Michael Valenti; and is currently working with Walter Zuk, as co-author of The Winners, a play about drug dependency. Tom has co-authored with Llywelyn Jones, It�s Only Money, a family comedy dealing with inheritance and acceptance, and is presently working with Mr. Jones on Left of Center, a drama concerning teenage drinking, substance abuse, and driving under the influence. With Allen Davis III, Tom is co-author of Florinda�s Time, a WW-II era coming-of-age comedy with music and dance. And, with Steve Gold, Tom is co-author of Our Kind Of People, a drama about voter registration in Memphis at the dawning of the modern civil rights movement. Tom is adapting into a new musical for families, Santa.Com, John Kallas's play about the down-sizing of Santa's workshop due to internet shopping.

Tom has authored six original motion picture screenplays: Florida, a story of the tapestry of life on the Mississippi Delta in the twentieth century (with Narroyl Parker); Mother-in-Law (with Taylor Hallman), a saga on racing and race relations during the early days of the American Civil Rights movement; Crossfire, a drama of innocent bystanders caught up in the urban drug wars, adapted from the play by John Walsh; Love Object, a film noir thriller about love unattained (with James MacGuire); Low Tide (with Bernard Mendillo), an investigative drama about illegal aliens, the drug trade, and corruption within the HAS; and Songs Without Words, a coming-of-age story set within the music industry. Tom is currently working with Risa Campana as co-author of Acts of Contrition, a six-part movie for television involving three generations of a family and spanning over seventy-five years of European and American history during and in the aftermath of World War II.

Tom Ferriter directed and produced the world premieres of Kathleen Anderson Culebro's The Crying Woman/La Llorona, a cross-cultural drama on international misunderstandings, Off Broadway at the Beckett Theatre, Paul Enger's In The Air, a love story during the Great Flu epidemic of 1918, Off Broadway at Theatre 315, James MacGuire's Nanny (also co-producer), an American comedy of extended families at the Nottara Theatre-Bucharest, and the European premiere of Harding Lemay's From A Dark Land, a World War-II drama of complicity, at the National Theatre of Romania-Craiova (co-producer), after having produced and directed the premieres of Marlene Shyer's First Wife, at the Emelin Theatre (Mamaroneck), Diane Leslie's and Mary Orr's family musical, Enchanted Afternoon, and Frank O'Donnell's Twisters, Off Broadway at the Nat Horne Studio Theatre on New York's Theatre Row. Tom is a member of the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers, Actors' Equity Association, the Screen Actors Guild, and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, and is a graduate of the Commercial Theatre Institute's Master Producing Class.

Tom Ferriter has been a visiting professor to the Academy of Theatre in Bucharest, and a guest professor at the Academy of Theatre in Oslo. He was Performance Coach to America's Health Network, a 24-hour cable TV network transmitted by satellite to more than 10 million households across America, and was a member for three years of the faculty of The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, where his classes included Acting for Film and Television, TV Commercial Acting, and Basic Acting Techniques. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Business Management from California State University - San Francisco and an Associate of Arts degree in Economics from Santa Barbara City College.