By Tomas Garcia and Tom Ferriter

Home Care is the story of Dean, a now-retired 62-year old Professor of Mathematics, recently diagnosed with Parkinsonís disease. Having lived in a faithful marriage of abstinence for the past 15 years, Dean decides, with his wife, Georginaís reluctant acceptance, to hire a home care worker who will attend to ALL his needs Ė medical, physical, and intimately personal. After interviewing qualified candidates, Dean settles on Candy, 23, a former cheerleader, sensitive and empathetic -- and willing -- to fulfill all duties assigned to her. On learning that her motherís role as her fatherís caretaker has been superseded by Candy, Gloria, their daughter, plots to reignite intimate relations between her mother and father. Dean has other ideas; Georgina has her own ideas, and Candy is caught with unexpected feelings of her own.

Home Care is a two-act comedy about three women who love and care for the same man. A man who, having been a self-sacrificing and responsible provider to his wife, daughter and grandchildren, decides before time runs out that selfishly attending to his own needs will help him find contentment during the transitional, final months of his productive life.

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Tomas Garcia

Tomas Garcia

Tomas Garcia was born in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, the second of four children, to a rancher and a home maker. Tomas received a Catholic education and attended medical school at Guadalajara, where he graduated in 1982. Eventually, Tomas became a specialist in Diagnostic Radiology and practiced for a time in Mexico. After emigrating to the Unites States, Tomas attended the University of Illinois at Chicago, and later Louisiana State University, where he graduated in Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.

As playwright, Tomas is the author of The Screen (Greenhouse project finalist in 2016), The Ambassador, The Grain of Mustard Seed, By the Way, Jacks and Jills, Cenotaph, Amado Nervo, and Home Care.

Tomas and his family reside in south Texas, near Laredo, where he practices medicine in a rural community (population 20,000), which he much enjoys, along with cooking, walking and playwriting.

Tom Ferriter


For the stage, Tom has written Ten Million Black Republicans (with Steve Gold), a comedy about the Congressional nominating process, A Howling Wilderness, a military court-martial drama during the time of the Philippine Insurrection (with John Chodes), and co-authored the book of a new musical, BELL (with Michael Treni), based on the life of Alexander Graham Bell and the American dream.  He is currently working with Taylor Hallman on Thunder & Lightning, a morality tale set in the Negro Baseball Leagues on the day Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in major league sports, and also adapting Santa.Com, John Kallas's play about the down-sizing of Santa's workshop due to the internet shopping craze, into a new musical for families.

Tom has authored six original motion picture screenplays:  Songs Without Words, a coming-of-age story set within the music industry; Mother-in-Law (with Taylor Hallman), a saga on racing and race relations during the early days of the American Civil Rights movement; Crossfire, a story of innocent bystanders caught up in the urban drug wars, adapted from the play by John Walsh; Florida, a story of the tapestry of life on the Mississippi Delta during the twentieth century (with Narroyl Parker); Love Object, a film noir thriller about love unattained (with James MacGuire); and Low Tide (with Bernard Mendillo), an investigative drama about illegal aliens, the drug trade, and corruption within the HSA. 

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