The Girl in the Green Dress and Other One-Act Plays
By Tomas Garcia

In The Girl in the Green Dress and Other One-Act Plays , the characters experience the reality of our times ‐‐ that we do not live alone. Every day our lives intersect with other people, often hundreds of lives, that impact upon our existence. In addition, there are incidents, accidents, coincidences and ill-timings that impact on our existence. Add to those variables our own modifiers ‐‐ age, ethnicity, background ‐‐ our beliefs, our fears, our will, and the outcome of those intersections is unfathomable.

Consider, for example, the case of the young social worker who meets a vivacious but lonely elder lady only to have each character mar the other's plans inadvertently in Hecuba in Mirando; or, observe the coworkers of Mr. McCabe, who plan to take over the company as McCabe plans for his retirement; or, share the business trip to a small village in south Spain, during which four American friends will question the thoughts of each about love, death, life and God in The Girl in the Green Dress; or, weigh the good news/bad news received on the afternoon of the same day by a Man in Office with Computer; or, discover the random encounter of six characters in search of intimacy in Salida en 8 Tiempos. Paradoxically, we also learn how a brief exchange with a stranger about current events can lead us to self-isolation, the circumstance revealed in The Colloquium of the Painters.

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Tomas Garcia

Tomas Garcia

Tomas Garcia was born in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, the second of four children, to a rancher and a home maker. Tomas received a Catholic education and attended medical school at Guadalajara, where he graduated in 1982. Eventually, Tomas became a specialist in Diagnostic Radiology and practiced for a time in Mexico. After emigrating to the Unites States, Tomas attended the University of Illinois at Chicago, and later Louisiana State University, where he graduated in Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.

As playwright, Tomas is the author of The Screen (Greenhouse project finalist in 2016), The Ambassador, The Grain of Mustard Seed, By the Way, Jacks and Jills, Cenotaph, Amado Nervo, and Home Care.

Tomas and his family reside in south Texas, near Laredo, where he practices medicine in a rural community (population 20,000), which he much enjoys, along with cooking, walking and playwriting.