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Dear Friends,

We have begun a busy year - and it is going to get even busier.  We have a new production, Ten Million Black Republicans, a New Plays Reading Series, a new class for actors - From Page to Stage, and new, interactive features on our updated web site: a Blog, Facebook, and YouTube These new features make it easier for you to become involved with our activities, as participant, audience member or supporter, and also enable you to communicate with us and stay in touch.  So, please check out the updates on our web site - and become involved!

Happy Holidays!  Tom Ferriter, Artistic Director

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New Production - Ten Million Black Republicans

Ten Million Black Republicans is a comedy about politics.  James Kilroy, a lawyer of African-American descent is in pursuit of the Republican nomination for Congress; his wife, Julie, secretly writes his speeches.  The party leadership is itching to showcase them as symbols of an all-inclusive party.  However, Julie’s radical past threatens to derail her husband’s electoral chances.

A comedy of circumstance where strength of character is put in play by the allure of privilege and the temptations of power, Ten Million Black Republicans presents a portrait of an upwardly-mobile African-American family on the threshold of a breakthrough, who learn that the choices from one’s past painfully inform the options for one’s future.  Through its theme and story, the play addresses issues of relevance within our evolving multi-cultural communities and the political infrastructures which they support.


New Class For Actors - From Page To Stage

From Page To Stage 

 Text Analysis, Character Development, Rehearsal Technique, Audition Skills.

Over the past 5 years, we have auditioned more than 4,000 actors for our various projects.  We have learned that many lacked the techniques to show their hireability.  The potential within the actor often remained unrevealed during the audition process, and, more  importantly, even in rehearsal.  Our intention is to share the benefits of our experience to help actors improve their skills and increase their ability to land the role. 

From Page To Stage is a four-week monthly class that will focus on:

  • Reinforcing the fundamentals -- build on basic audition skills and existing acting technique.
  • Use text analysis to create a more compelling character.
  • Develop the character and prepare your performance through useful rehearsal techniques.
  • Improve professional etiquette and demeanor -- how preparation, discipline, and focusing on your goal will help you get the part.


Miss Julie's Blog

Welcome to Miss Julie's Blog, Stageplays Theatre Company's forum for news about our community - actors, playwrights, directors and designers - all who participate in our activities and share our interests.  Expect to read posts about the theatre - plays, actors, performances, special events, play readings - and about films, concerts, and other events that might be of interest.

But first, let's start with what's most important!  The theatre?  Not this time!  The dog!  Our "theatrical" dog - Miss Julie - Stageplays' Company Mascot, named after Strindberg's most famous character.

Those of you who have visited our office may have met Miss Julie, our Cairn terrier (we'd give her age but that would limit her castability - let's just say, she looks younger than she is).  Here's Julie's picture - she's weighing in with an opinion on casting (doesn't everyone), her paw rests on Jason Tomarken's headshot.  (Jason distinguished himself in several readings with us this year.)

Read More...there's a point to it.  And it's fun!  We promise.
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Stageplays is on Facebook! - We joined the social networking generation.  Look for Tom Ferrtiter  ( on Facebook and start a new relationship with us.  We'd love to know what you are interested in and we will be happy to involve you as future opportunities arise.

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We are developing and producing new works for the stage that speak to the issues of our times.  Please consider recommending our newsletter to others whom you think would like to know about our activities - use the "Forward to a Friend" link at bottom of page for ease of communication.  Thanks!

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