Stageplays News       Volume VI, December 2006

The Crying Woman/La Llorona - Tickets On Sale!

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The Crying Woman/La Llorona is a cross-cultural drama about an American businessman assigned to open an American fast food restaurant, to sell Mexican food, in Mexico City.  He and his pregnant wife move into the home of a struggling Mexican couple; the hacienda is visited by La Llorona, a spirit who sings her song of sadness in hopes of rescuing the two young couples from danger.

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For tickets log on to and use Code CWML or call 212-279-4200 or bring this offer to the Beckett Theatre box office.  Offer expires January 31, 2007.

For more information click on this link to visit our updated web site.  There's a video of our cast to watch, too.  It's fun!


La Llorona - Origins of the Legend - Part 5

Cortes and Malinche at the City of Dreams

The legend of La Llorona originates from the time of the Spanish conquistador, Cortes, and Montezuma, ruler of the Aztec empire.  After killing Montezuma and escaping from the Mexican capital on the "Night of Tears", Cortes gathered his key assistants, among them his interpreter, Dona Marina (aka Malinche), and re-grouped his forces in strategic retreat from the City of Dreams.  Vowing to recapture the Mexican capital in the name of the Spanish crown, Cortes returned to the coastal town of Vera Cruz to make ready his return.

Rearmed and reinforced, with over 900 Spaniards and more than 25,000 Tlaxcalans, a native mountain tribe and arch enemies of the Aztecs, Cortes made his way once again into the interior towards the Mexican capital.  Arriving at the shores of Lake Texcoco, Cortes reassembled the 13 brigantines carried across the mountains, and launched his two-pronged attack over the causeways and across the waters of the lake against the island city of Tenochtitlan

The Aztecs, now weakened by the small-pox epidemic brought into the country by the Spaniards, engaged the enemy in bitter house-to-house combat, fighting bravely in defence of the glory of their own true faith to save one of the world's most beautiful cities and the greatest state in the Indian world. As Cortes's forces fought their way into the city, they began a house-to-house destruction, systematically destroying every building, levelling whole streets, and filling in each canal gap.  After ninety-three days of fighting, the offensive had degenerated into a massacre.  In the end, more than 100,000 Mexicans died, and one of the world's most beautiful cities lay in ruins - its people defeated and its treasures looted.  Cortes, with Dona Marina by his side, was now Marquis of the Valley, the absolute ruler of Mexico City, capital of New Spain.

End of part 5 of a 5-part series; to be concluded in post script in our next newsletter.


Our Friends From Gotham Stage Company Present Becoming Adele

Gotham Stage Company is dedicated to providing an opportunity for artists to participate in the collaborative process of creating theater.  GSC is comprised of a diverse group of writers, actors, directors, designers and producers who strive to create thought-provoking theater for an equally diverse audience.  Becoming Adele, Eric Houston's one-woman show, tells the coming of age of Brooklynite Adele Scabaglio; her struggle to find herself and her coming to terms with what she ultimately finds.

Becoming Adele performs December 15 through January 6, 2007, at The Clurman Theatre on Theatre Row.  For tickets visit or call 212-279-4200.

For more information click on this link to visit


On Stage And Screen

David Hare's The Vertical Hour, world premiering on Broadway, brings British stage and screen actor Bill Nighy to American in a performance that combines the quirky with the interesting.  Once in awhile the critics are right on.  A timely political drama, with ironic humor and a strong central conflict, blending the political with the personal in a story that articulates with one of the most important issues of our time.

Only Martha Clarke can take Pirandello short stories and a Taviani brothers film and turn them into an evening of provocative, arresting drama with song and movement.  Kaos, premiering at the New York Theatre Workshop, is a fully controlled, tightly directed concept piece that pushes the boundaries of theatre in new directions.

We nominate Running With Scissors this year's best dysfunctional family movie.  If you want to see one truly great performance, watch Annette Benning turn a leading film role into a character you can't take your eyes off and are glad isn't your mother.  Her performance is extraordinary - and a don't miss.

Casino Royale is the best Bond movie in years; and, we are happy to admit - it's great fun.  Daniel Craig lives up to the role:  sexy good looks, lethal charm, strong and vulnerable, killer acting choices!

Why It Bears Repeating.

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