Stageplays News                Volume VII, March/April 2007

Exciting New Production - Pied a Terre, by John Anastasi - Coming This Fall At The Kirk Theatre, Off Broadway.

Also, two new books published by Stageplays - The Crying Woman/La Llorona by Kathleen Anderson Culebro, and My Boys by Larry Swansen.

In the meantime, take a look at The Crying Woman/La Llorona Photo Album below, and have a Happy Spring!


The Crying Woman/La Llorona

Ioana Alfonso (Irma), Mauricio Tafur Salgado (Carlos), Natasha Tabandera (La Llorona). Set Design - Zhanna Gurvich

"Ms. Culebro is clearly a writer of promise...intrigue and menance build to a gothic ending that comes as a genuine surprise...Tom Ferriter has directed a fluid staging." NY Times


The Cying Woman/La Llorona


Ioana Alfonso (Irma) and Mauricio Tafur Salgado (Carlos). Costume Design - Vasilija Zivanic


"Warm and winning performances by Ioana Alfonso and Mauricio Tafur Salgado." NY Times


The Crying Woman/La Llorona

Julia Barnett (Liz) and Trevor Jones (Jeffrey).  Lighting Design - Jeff Koger

"Jeffrey's (Trevor Jones) frantic telephone calls about his grossly provincial ad ideas are among the most enjoyable." AmericanTheatreWeb


The Crying Woman/La Llorona


Natasha Tabandera as La Llorona.  Original Choreography - Ron De Jesus, Sound Design - Chris Rummel, Original Music - Cindy O'Connor

"Natasha Tabandera sings with eerie foreboding..." NY Times

"Tabandera does some ghostly singing and dancing to music by Cindy O'Connor." Variety


The Crying Woman/La Llorona

Mauricio Tafur Salgado (Carlos), German Nande (Sergio), Ioana Alfonso (Irma). Casting Director - Laura Dragomir

"Tom Ferriter gets some good work out of his cast, especially Alfonso and Salgado." Variety


The Crying Woman/La Llorona


Ioana Alfonso (Irma) and Julia Barnett (Liz).  Wig Design/Make Up  - Wendy Parson

"Alfonso makes Irma's dichotomies not only credible, but also exceptionally appealing." AmericanTheatreWeb

"Kathleen Anderson Culebro has come up with an intriguing scenario." Variety


The Cryig Woman/La Llorona


Ioana Alfonso (Irma) and Natasha Tabandera (La Llorona).  Original Music - Cindy O'Connor, Lighting Design - Jeff Koger


"The playwright makes some good points about the American invasion of Mexican culture, demonstrating sly humor along the way." Variety


All photos by Gerry Goodstein, Gerry Goodstein Photography.


Our thanks to all of you who came to see our beautiful production of The Crying Woman/La Llorona - we sincerely appreciate your support.  Also, special thanks, love and gratitude to our artistic team, staff, and especially our Board of Directors, who helped us achieve a great success - your efforts and dedicated work were astounding and we look forward to working with you in the future - sooner than you expect!

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