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Dear Friends,

We are extremely pleased to announce publication of our very newest book, The "Biggie" and Other One-Act Plays, Volume 1, by Albert Meglin, a wonderful collection of one-act plays -- comedies and dramas -- with terriffic parts for actors of all ages, types and ethnicities. We are celebrating release of the book with a Special Event, Pieces of Manhattan, at The Harvard Club, on March 9, 2009, at 7pm.  It will be a fancy and quite special night; we expect a sell out, so reservations are a must (212-252-2727).

For more information on our newest book and how it came to be published, check-out our latest blog post -- Miss Julie's Book Club -- where you'll find the back story on the book.  And, if you haven't done so already, join the social networking revolution and friend us on Facebook -- where we've posted pictures from our January presentation of Old Songs Remembered

See you at the Harvard Club.  Tom Ferriter, Artistic Director

New Book Celebration At The Harvard Club

The "Biggie" and Other One-Act Plays, Volume 1, by Albert Meglin is one of our proudest achievements.  This is a great collection of one-act plays by a master of the one-act form, all developed by Stageplays -- some workshopped in the recent past, some to be produced in the near future.  A quality publication, with wonderful stories and great themes played out amongst terrific characters, that came about through a nuturing collaboration between Stageplays and the playwright.  A one-of-a-kind source book (okay, there are two volumes) of freshnew material, waiting to be discovered, for actors of all ages and ethnicities, and ideally suited for university, community, regional and Off Broadway audiences. Volume One contains six one act plays and two dramatic monologues; Volume Two is due out this June.

To celebrate publication of The "Biggie" and Other One-Act Plays, Volume 1, by Albert Meglin, we are presenting Pieces of Manhattan, a staged reading of two of the one-acts, at the Harvard Club on March 9th, followed by a book signing and wine reception.  Reservations are a must at 212-252-2727.  The book will be available for sale March 1st, on our web site:

For more information about our published books click on this link.

Pieces Of Manhattan Cast

Our Pieces Of Manhattan presentation will consist of staged readings of The "Biggie" and Stalking Eugene Onegin, two of the one-act plays in our newest book. 

In The "Biggie", Mr. Right and Ms. Wrong are mis-matched on a singles cruise, and won't find their groove until they face The "Biggie", the last question on ship Social Director Miss Julie's love list for succesful pair-ups.

In Stalking Eugene Onegin, two spirited shut-ins at the mercy of their over caring daughter, conspire with their building superintendent for one final afternoon at the Metropolitan Opera reliving memories of their early courtship.

New Blog Post - Miss Julie's Book Club

Our own Miss Julie knows what all the activity these days in our office is about...the new book!  Having negotiated her way around quite a few of Stageplays' published works for some time now, she decided to start her own club -- so here it is --  Miss Julie's Book Club. 

In her latest blog post, Miss Julie tells you things you can't know about the book unless you read her blog -- the back story, the front story, and everything in between; plus, a preview of what's inside the book -- the playwright's Introduction - a very special treat indeed!

Watch out Oprah - Here comes Miss Julie, Stageplays's blogger, offering serious competition, on the "Book Club" front. Not only is Miss Julie a contender for new book business, she also claims bragging rights for having the lead character in The "Biggie" named in her honor - true story, we can't make this stuff up. Playwright Al Meglin, having come under Miss Julie's charms, christened his main character, the Social Director for Crystal Harmony Cruises in his one-act, The "Biggie", after our own Miss Julie. Them's some apples!

Read More...Miss Julie has all the details...
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Check out the pictures posted from our most recent presentation -- Old Songs Remembered -- see if you recognize any members of the cast, the playwright, or even friends who were in the audience -- maybe you've been tagged and your friends can see you -- that's always fun. 

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