Stageplays News       Volume II, July 2006

Our Next Production - The Crying Woman/La Llorona

This coming season, Stageplays will present Kathleen Anderson Culebro's two-act drama, The Crying Woman/La Llorona, in a world premiere production at the Beckett Theatre on New York's Theatre Row.  The Crying Woman/La Llorona is a cross-cultural drama set in Mexico City.  The story of the play interweaves the legend of La Llorona with the lives of two couples, one American, the other Mexican, as they struggle to establish a common ground of understanding during a time of economic uncertainty and personal crisis in their respective lives. 

The Crying Woman/La Llorona begins performances on February 1, 2007, in a limited-run engagement, Off Broadway.

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La Llorona - Origins of the Legend

Cortes at the Court of Montezuma

The legend of La Llorona draws its origins from the early 16th century, during the time of the Spanish Conquistador, Hernan Cortes, and Montezuma, ruler of the Aztecs.  In 1519, Cortes landed on the Yucatan Peninsula in search of the magical city of Tenochtitlan in the Valley of Mexico.  Enlisting the aid of Malinali, or Malinche as she is generally referred to, as his interpreter, Cortes journeyed into the interior of Mexico in search of his City of Dreams.   In November, 1519, Cortes descended into the Valley of Mexico, crossed the causeway that led into the Aztec capital and was welcomed at the court of Montezuma.  With Malinali at his side, Cortes entered the great palace of Montezuma for the first of his fateful meetings with the Aztec leader.

End of part 1 of a 5-part series; to be continued in our next newsletter.


Our Friends From The Figments Present

The Figments, a company devoted to giving artists from the fields of theatre, music, painting and photography the opportunity to express themselves to each other and the greater community, proudly present Glow, by Peter Gil-Sheridan, at the Stella Adler Studios, 31 West 27th Street, through July 29.  In Glow, two couples struggle to become the adults they've always dreamed of becoming.  Envy and fear lead them onto a path of self-discovery and self-destruction with a baby that is a lot more than anyone bargained for.  For tickets visit or call 212-252-3619.


On Stage And Screen

Every fan of musical theatre should see The Drowsy Chaperone, winner of 5 Tony Awards this year.  A fun new show that grabs you from the moment the lights go down and doesn't let you go until the final curtain.

If you have the chance, see The Road to Guantanamo, a chilling, immensely challenging film about the rights of prisoners captured and incarcerated, then turned into victims by our war on terror.  Presented at the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival and now in general release, The Road to Guantanamo pulls no punches in making its points. 

On a somewhat lighter note, Headin' South has received deserved praise for its courageous observations on sexual tourism in the West Indies; another thought-provoking film on today's world, now in limited release.

One Last Thing

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