Stageplays News       Volume IV, October 2006

The Crying Woman/La Llorona - Spotlight on the Director/Producer - Tom Ferriter

Tom Ferriter

This February, Stageplays will present Kathleen Anderson Culebro's two-act drama, The Crying Woman/La Llorona, in a world premiere production at the Beckett Theatre in New York City.  The Crying Woman/La Llorona is a cross-cultural drama set in Mexico City.  The story of the play interweaves the legend of La Llorona with the lives of two couples, one American, the other Mexican, as they struggle to establish a common ground of understanding during a time of economic uncertainty and personal crisis in their respective lives. 

Tom Ferriter produced and directed the world premieres of In The Air, Enchanted Afternoon, Twisters, Perpetrator, Reunion at Red Fork (Off Broadway) and First Wife (Emelin Theatre).  Internationally, Tom directed From A Dark Land (National Theatre of Romania, Eastern Europe's largest stage) and Nanny (Nottara Theatre, Bucharest).  As Artistic Director of Stageplays, Tom has developed and directed over 50 plays in workshop presentations and worked with over 110 playwrights and more than 800 actors.  A member of the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers, Tom is a graduate of the Commercial Theatre Institute's Producing for the Theatre Program sponsored by Theatre Development Fund and The League of American Theatres and Producers.  At Stageplays, Tom enjoys working with playwrights in developing their plays and bringing them to full production in front of audiences interested in new works that address the issues of our times.

The Crying Woman/La Llorona begins previews February 1, 2007, opens February 4, 2007 and closes February 25, 2007, in a limited-run engagement, Off Broadway at the Beckett Theatre, on New York's Theatre Row. 

For more information about the play please click on this link to visit our web site.

La Llorona - Origins of the Legend - Part 3

Death Of Montezuma

The legend of La Llorona originates from the time of the Spanish Conquistador, Hernan Cortes, and Montezuma, ruler of the Aztec empire.  In 1519, Cortes, with his interpreter, Malinche, at his side, descended into the Valley of Mexico to meet with Montezuma.  Learning that Montezuma believed his presence due to divine intervention, Cortes moved quickly to gain control of the Aztec kingdom, demanding high tributes in the name of Emperor Charles of Spain, while insisiting Montezuma govern as Cortes demanded.  As resistance mounted, Cortes imprisoned Montezuma, and set out to dismantle the Aztec rituals, destroy their religious idols, and install Christian images in place of their gods.  Once in control, Cortes and his men soon discovered the secret treasure rooms in Montezuma's palace, great stores of gold, silver and precious stones, that were quickly divided up among the Spanish invaders.

With Montezuma imprisoned and the future of the Aztec empire in danger, Montezuma's brother, Cuitlahuac, summoned the elective leaders of the Indian state - the war chiefs of the empire - to council.  Sensing that the situation was becoming threatening, Malinche warned Cortes that an attack was imminent.  As Cortes grouped his forces, the Aztecs mounted a series of fierce assaults, engaging in vicious hand-to-hand fighting with the Spaniards.  After surviving nearly a week of unrelenting combat, his forces depleted, Cortes pushed Montezuma to the roof of the battlements, forcing the ex-king to plead with his people to cease their attacks.  In response to Montezuma's conciliatory tone, the Aztecs launched a barrage of stones and arrows, showering the Spaniards and dealing a mortal wound to Montezuma.  Three days later, the Aztec leader succumbed, his death shrouded in mystery, his body thrown off the roof into the courtyard below.  Facing an overwhelming force, Cortes made ready his escape from the Aztec capital.

End of part 3 of a 5-part series; to be continued in our next newsletter.

Our Friends From Resonance Ensemble Present

Resonance Ensemble is commited to developing new theatrical work inspired by the timelessness and universalism of the classics. An all female cast performs The Imaginary Invalid, Moliere's final satire about the medical profession and the perpetual pursuit of health, adapted and directed by Rebecca Patterson.  Playing in rep, in a tribute to the writings of Moliere, The Mail Order Bride, by Charles L. Mee, is a comic romp about buying and selling youth.

Both shows are running October 27 through November 19 at the Beckett Theatre in New York City.  For tickets call Ticket Central at 212-279-4200 or visit

For more information on the Resonance Ensemble click on this link to visit their web site
On Stage And Screen

Jersey Boys, the 2006 Tony award-winning best musical, lives up to its deserved praise and is a must-see for all musical theatre devotees.  A superb cast and a smoothly-directed production in service of a lively, funny and well-crafted book, and that fabulous catalogue of songs - one hit after another - make for a wonderful evening of theatre.  You can bet you'll be humming the songs when you leave the theatre - all 18 of them!

The 44th New York Film Festival, presents 28 films from around the world, including Little Children, an audience favorite featuring a knockout performance by Kate Winslet, and a stellar retrospective showing of Warren Beatty's Reds.  In general release, The U.S. vs. John Lennon, offers a thoughtful and provocative examination of our recent past as it reflects on our present times.  In complement with Reds, these two films provide much to reflect on.

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