The process of new play development at Stageplays extends from initial read-through to first public presentation, and leads to full production of the play, either by Stageplays itself, or through a co-production between Stageplays and another institutional theatre, or by placement of the play with a commercial producer. Development of a new play is a structured and intensive process engaged in one-on-one with a playwright, focused to assist the playwright towards a full actualization in the writing of the play - a balanced articulation of the theme as explored through the plot, story line, and principal characters in the play - and formalized with a professional cast through a series of table read-throughs, public presentations, staged readings and workshop performances before invited audiences. Generally, after one or two public presentations, the period of development for the play ends and the writing of the play, except for the final touches and fine-tuning which come through rehearsal as the play is realized fully during its initial production, is completed. At that point, the play is ready to enter the theatrical mainstream.

The plays developed by Stageplays are works conceived for the stage with mature and compelling themes, interwoven within a strong story line, and supported by in-dept and well-defined characterizations. In seeking stage works which do not shy from confronting directly contemporary issues, in well-structured dramas, or indirectly, through the use of ironic or satiric humor in solidly-constructed, entertaining comedies, Stageplays has nurtured and encouraged a body of work which has begun to impact positively upon the existing theatrical landscape in the United States.

Since its founding, Stageplays has presented four new plays and one new musical in full productions, introduced forty-six new plays and three new musicals to the theatrical marketplace in staged readings and rehearsed musical presentations in and around New York City, and held over 225 developmental readings of new plays and musicals by 115 emerging and established playwrights, lyricists and composers. To date, thirty-eight plays and musicals developed under the auspices of Stageplays have had either their U.S. or European premieres.




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